How to take photo of the paintings

Please make sure to take the photo under natural light.
You can take very good photo outside of your house in the back yard.
Take the photo in the shade and not not under direct sun light.
When your painting is framed, make sure to take photo with complete frame.
Frame should not be partially cut off or blocked in view.
Take the photo - front and back of your painting.
Place white and black object next to your painting.
Finally when you send the photo via email - send it in larger format (at least 1 mega bite).
Do not edit the photo yourself. We do professional edit.

Make sure to keep your hands very steady when shooting photo

When you take the photo outside your room on patio, you usually get very much even light all over the canvas, which results in a good photo.

Here are examples of bad photos

Photo was taken indoors with flash light. The flash light bounced off from the smooth surface of the painting. This is bad. The Frame is cut off. This is no no.

Photo was taken indoors and the light bounced off the left side of the canvas to the camera. Here is a fix : Take two photos. One photo 90 degree square directly in the front with complete frame. (I use this photo for the frame) and take the second photo from left side of the painting or right side at 45 degree angle. This way the light does not bounce to the camera lens. The I will put 2 photos together on a photoshop to make one perfect photo.

The photo was taken outdoors as instructed. The hand holing the frame covers part of the frame - this is no good. You should hold the frame from behind. The painting is on a slanted angle. I like to see right on the front -square.

The photo was taken in the direct sunlight. The photo is very harsh instead of rendering soft romantic feeling - which is required for this type of painting depicting scenery from the turn of the century. Left side of the frame is in stark shadow, so beautiful detail of the frame is not showing. The photo should be taken in the shadow - the other side of the house or in a cloudy day. then it will be much nicer to edit to give beautiful presentation on the web page.

Here is example of good photo

The photo was taken in the bright sunny day on the patio. But the photo was taken in the shaded area without direct sun light hitting the painting. There is no shadow on the frame and on the photo, and this is much better presentation of the painting than the photo taken under direct sun light.

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