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Luciano Rampaso

Paris Street Scene

Paris Opera


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Luciano Rampaso Biography

 LUCIANO RAMPASO was born in Milan, Italy in 1934. He studied at the Academy of Belle Arts and now resides in the British Isles since 1970. He travels extensively from Great Britain to France and to Italy, painting the scenic splendors of their glorious cities.

   LUCIANO RAMPASO is an artist of unparalleled accomplishment, who depicts the beloved cities of the world, his old haunts, and favorite by-ways of Europe.
   The collectors of his treasures are unanimous in their praise for this gifted artist who is able to capture with a vibrancy and luminosity of color the timeless and tranquil beauties of the world.

   His renderings offer the viewer explosions of color that are both vibrant, daring, and yet serenely magical which further serve as an orchestrated background of his scenic splendors.
 His paintings speak for themselves. His harmony of colors evoke such changing moods that the viewer feels at one with the place of the scene.

    The works of LUCIANO RAMPASO in this country and abroad are successfully received. The popularity of his art is well established and his paintings are increasingly sought by those who already are fortunate to possess them and by those who have discovered LUCIANO RAMPASO in Galleries in the United States and abroad.

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 Lord Montbatten
 Lord Briscoe (Former Mayor of Dublin)
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