Biography of Elisee Maclet

Born in Lihons-en-Santerre April 12, 1881, Elisee Maclet began his career as something of a 'Sunday painter', who experimented in oil painting. He moved to Montmartre in 1906. At that point he began doing paintings of the Montmartre landscape - anticipating the themes that Utrillo would eventually depict in his work.

After the First World War, his views of Paris earned him an increasing amount of recognition and success. Writers Colette, Francis Carco, and other well-known figures, as well as an American art dealer were all great supporters. Max Jacob wrote about him. In approximately 1920, a wealthy supporter gave him the means to spend an extended period in the Mediterranean. He returned with sumptuous paintings of the Mediterranean, all reminiscent of paintings by Matisse. In 1933, Maclet was institutionalized for mental difficulties from which he never completely recovered.