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Jean Pierre Dubord
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Biography of Jean Pierre Dubord

Jean-Pierre Dubord was born in Rouen in 1949, and after spending years in the French Countryside, he returned to his native city to portray the surroundings of his youth. While Rouen is a favorite subject for his paintings, he often depicts Paris , the Normandy countryside, the beaches of Deauville and Houlgate, the Cliffs of Caux and Etretat and scenes along the Seine .  He is known for his ability to capture the subtleties of light and color unique to each season.

            In 1970, he had his first exhibition of approximately thirty paintings in Rouen , a show which was highly praised by art critics.  In addition to an annual show in Rouen , he has also exhibited in Bourdeaux, Le Havre , La Rochelle , Osaka , Quebec and in the major, famous salons of Paris .

            Dubord has his own original approach to painting.  His palette is rich in its tones, and is fresh and uplifting.   His work is so highly regarded that he is the recipient of numerous prestigious awards.  Dubordís canvases reveal his own intense joy of life and his love of the rhythms of nature. Also they are distinguished by a nuanced use of color.  The artistís mastery of his secrets of imprisoning light on canvas and the very delicate poetic strain in his painting may be traced to the impressionist masters, but it bears a very personal touch as well.  One critic remarked that Dubord is guided solely by his heart and emotions.


First prize of Ville de Canteleu, 1982
First prize of Ville díYport, 1984
Gold Medal of Ville de Rueil Malmaison, 1985
Honorable Mention Salon des Artistes Francais, 1985
Landscape Prize Salon du Val díOrk, 1985
Prize of Conseil General Salon de Pontoise, 1985
Premier Prix de Paysage, Salon de Bourges, 1985


Biennale des Beaux-Arts
Salon de Rouen
Salon de Timchebray
Salon de la Marine
Salon díAutomne
Salon des Independents

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